"Q: I am having my first baby and all of my friends are telling me to get a baby nurse for the first few weeks and then transition to a nanny. Do you agree that this is the best route to take?"

- C. Cohen, Larchmont, NY

"A: Yes, this is clearly the best path to take. Baby Nurses are truly experts in newborn care and are trained in helping your baby develop proper eating and sleeping patterns. You will get the most out of your baby nurse if she is there for the full 24-hour day, although there are baby nurses available for both day and night shifts. If you plan to hire a nanny right away, itís a good idea to have her begin an orientation 1-2 days before the baby nurse leaves. This will help the nanny understand the babyís temperament and personality. "

- - Nanny Coach

"Q: My Nanny began working for us almost two years ago, upon the birth of our first baby. She is a live-in; Monday-Friday and we pay her a salary of $600 per week. In two months we are expecting our second. Iím assuming that I should give her a raise, but Iím not sure how much? "

- M. Goldstein, New York, NY

"A: Yes, a 10 to 15 percent raise is usually adequate. You should review the Nannyís performance at the end of each year and if you can afford small increases, it goes a long way toward everyoneís happiness."

- - Nanny Coach

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